A selection of SyvretMedia's testimonials:


“I’ve worked with Anita Syvret on several Robert Hitchins property projects. Her local knowledge and journalism experience have been a great asset. She’s also a good team player.”

Mark Durand, Senior Development Surveyor, Robert Hitchins Ltd


“Anita Syvret has done a great job of raising the profile of Corinium Care. She’s reliable, professional and never lets us down.”

Camilla Miles, Chief Executive, Corinium Care Ltd


"I learned alot from Anita Syvret. She's a true professional, very helpful and fabulous to work with."

John Boag, Managing Director, Bond Helicopters Australia


"If you want someone who knows PR inside out and has impeccable contacts, Anita Syvret is second to none. She's a great ambassador for her profession."

David Keyte, Director, DK Planning & Development Ltd


"The Cotswold Water Park Trust asked Anita Syvret for help when the press were beating a path to our door at a very difficult time. She guided us through the crisis brilliantly and gave us the confidence to handle the media ourselves in future. We couldn’t have asked for more."

Matthew Millett, Managing Director, Cotswold Water Park Trust


"SyvretMedia's professional and practical PR/media advice on an exceptionally delicate planning matter played a crucial role in achieving a successful result."

Les Bonney, Chairman, St Vincent's and St George's Association


"Working with SyvretMedia has benefited Bowel & Cancer Research enormously. Anita has helped us understand the value of our stories and has had the contacts and knowledge necessary to get them placed for maximum impact. We consider her an invaluable member of our team."

Deborah Gilbert, Head of Development, Bowel & Cancer Research


“When I first arrived in Cheltenham, Anita Syvret was honest: she told me we weren’t very good at PR. She pointed us in the right direction, and we haven’t looked back. Our relationship with the local media has been excellent ever since.”

Greg Smith, former Principal, Gloucestershire College  


“As novices at the publicity game, we weren't sure how to handle the media. Anita opened our eyes to the art of the possible, debunked a few myths, and helped us take a much braver approach. Her advice was invaluable.”

Mark Ryan, Director, Gloucestershire Airport


“In my dealings with Anita Syvret, in both the health service and higher education, she has always been refreshingly honest and fair. She is a good listener, who also offers sound advice. Given her long experience in the media, she speaks with both wisdom and authority.”

Dame Janet Trotter, Lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire 


". . . an excellent training session. It was very engaging and gave us some wise and useful tips on how to handle crisis PR, should the worst happen." 

 John Hoskinson OBE, Chief Executive, Milestones Trust


“Anita Syvret offered me absolutely invaluable advice on handling local and regional media when I was first elected. She quickly cured me of some bad habits and unrealistic expectations and helped me towards consistently positive media coverage. Be prepared: she doesn’t pull punches.  But that means you really believe and trust the positive feedback when it comes.” 

 Martin Horwood, MP for Cheltenham


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