Promoting a positive image in good times  


How to get your name out there without having to pay for it.

That’s the goal of all managers who want more from the press than a bill for advertising. You recognise the benefit of establishing a positive public image through the media, and want space in the editorial columns to complement your social media presence and advertising spend.

We'll show you how to integrate your social media activity with traditional media channels.

Our aim is to: -         

  • promote a positive image for your organisation in the press and on social media
  • help you to build a mutually beneficial relationship with the media 
  • teach you how to navigate the maze of a Newsroom so your PR message reaches the right person
  • show you how to package your message to ensure your positive stories and pictures get published
  • integrate your press profile with your internet presence

Remember: Newsdesks receive hundreds of press releases every day - and most get deleted. We'll show you how to dodge that Delete button and get your organisation's name in lights.

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