Media Training


SyvretMedia offers exceptional training in PR strategy and the practical side of handling the media, from writing a press release to managing the headlines in a crisis.

The training is delivered by Anita Syvret who was Editor of the Gloucestershire Echo in Cheltenham for 18 years until 2008 and knows the regional newspaper industry inside out.

She is an entertaining speaker who lifts the lid on the regional press and teaches you how to manage journalists to your advantage.

She has delivered training sessions for businesses all over the South West. Just get in touch if you'd like her to come up with bespoke training especially suited to your company.


Training Sessions

  • PR Made Easy
    A three-hour session for companies which don't have the luxury of their own PR department, and want to know how to get publicity in the local paper. This is a quickfire seminar on how to handle the media, in good times and in bad. You'll discover where to start with press coverage, and go away with lots of ideas as to how to manage your own public relations in future. 
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  • Crisis PR
    A half-day session on what to do when your company is in trouble, journalists are at your door, and you know you can’t say ‘no comment’.
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  • Reputation Management
    Can a growth business use marketing, PR and social media to bring in new customers? Is it a game of smoke and mirrors, or does reputation management increase profit? This half-day workshop explains how PR and marketing work and offers a route map to raising your company profile profitably.
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  • How to Write a Press Release
    A half-day workshop targeted at managers who don’t have the luxury of a dedicated PR department, and at press officers who have never worked in a newspaper office.
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  • PR in a Day
    A one-day course for business people who want to establish a PR strategy and manage their image in the local press, in good times and in bad. A great lesson in how to get your name in the paper without having to pay for it . . . and how to keep it out of the paper when things go wrong. Includes a session on how to write a press release.
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SyvretMedia - Cheltenham Phone: 01242 228539