Our Approach


Our biggest strengths at SyvretMedia are our experience and honesty. We work out what you and your business need in the way of marketing and PR, and we'll do our best to get it for you.

If you're in damage limitation mode and trying to avert a publicity crisis don't worry. There are few experts better equipped to turn things around and protect you from negative headlines.

We don't mess about. We don't make empty promises. We always deliver.

Whilst there are few certainties when it comes to securing editorial coverage, our success rate in targeting press releases and getting publicity in the national and regional press is second to none.

Managing your website and social media is all part of the service.

When we first meet, we sit down together and examine your business, your current profile and your recent marketing and PR activity.

We work out why your efforts at publicity might have failed in the past, and suggest how they might succeed in future. Then we'll work with you to create a PR strategy that works for your business. We're hands-on at first and, if you like, we can can gradually train you to take up the reins yourself.

You will end up with a clear understanding of what journalists want, what happens when your press release lands in the Newsdesk inbox - and how to protect it from the News Editor’s destruct button.

You'll develop a stack of cuttings, an enhanced reputation, and your marketing activity will be far more effective with sound editorial back-up.

You will be prepared to face a publicity crisis with confidence. Better still, you will be able to avert that crisis in the first place. 


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