Crisis PR – damage limitation and managing bad news


How to keep your name out of the papers when things go pear-shaped

Handling the media with confidence is vital when bad news strikes and negative headlines loom.

Even the best organisations can end up in the firing line through no fault of their own, and need help with the press. You may be facing public protests about a sensitive issue. You could be in a legal pickle. But don't panic. There's a lot more to crisis PR than a damage limitation exercise.

We can:

  • handle the press in an emergency
  • guide you through a controversial local issue
  • ensure a temporary crisis doesn’t become a long-term PR disaster
  • smoothe the communication channels in a tricky situation
  • help you turn bad news to your advantage
  • keep your name out of the paper
  • manage negative activity on social media channels
  • train you to speak at a press conference
  • help you keep your head when all around are losing theirs!

If the flak is really flying and you're under siege, we can troubleshoot for you until the crisis blows over. We can join your crisis management team or help you to build one from scratch.

What they said: "The Cotswold Water Park Trust asked Anita Syvret for help when the press were beating a path to our door at a very difficult time. She guided us through the crisis brilliantly and gave us the confidence to handle the media ourselves in future. We couldn’t have asked for more,"  Matthew Millett, Managing Director, Cotswold Water Park Trust


Crisis PR training seminar

We run a half-day seminar on crisis PR, outlining the principles of what to do when trouble looms.

It covers preparation for handling a delicate situation, how to manage the press, and what to do about social media when the only option is damage limitation.

What they said: " . . . an excellent training session. It was very engaging and gave us some wise and useful tips on how to handle crisis PR, should the worst happen," John Hoskinson OBE, Chief Executive, Milestones Trust.



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